Photo courtesy of Stephan Ohlsen via Flickr

The horses escaped today. I guess I can’t really say they made a break for it, because the farthest any of them went was about 100 yards, but somehow, they got out of their corral.

I was back at the lodge after a short hike down the Escalante River trail, taking my time showering, belting out every song I could remember from Wicked. When I walked out into the main room and glanced out the big picture windows, there they were, about a dozen horses milling about and grazing on the front lawn where they definitely should not have been. Someone showed up pretty quickly from the ranch to round them up, but I still have to watch where I step on the front lawn. There’s alfalfa there, which it seems is quite a treat for them.

They’ve been out a few more times, because people keep forgetting to lock the gate, or maybe the horses are clever enough to have figured out how to undo the latch themselves.

Whatever the reason, I frequently find hoofprints around my car, and some mornings find myself backing out through a minefield of horse silhouettes, crawling at 2 or 3 miles per hour out of fear I’ll hit one of the horses.